Multilingual Educational Pathways in Montenegro (MEPiM)


In comparison to the other post-Yugoslavian states, Montenegro has been almost completely neglected in the 'Western' perception and academia. MEPiM takes this gap as a starting point and aims at contributing to the study of multilingualism and education in Montenegro, focusing on multilingual educational pathways of university students. As a multiethnic and multilingual country, Montenegro is particularly well suited for a scholarly study on the interconnection of languages and education. At the interface of education and sociolinguistics, the project reconstructs the multilingual educational pathways of students of German studies in Montenegro, using biographical interviews. 

Partner organisations:

  • University of Vienna, Department of Education
  • University of Montenegro, Department of German Language and Literature in Nikšić 


  • Knowledge-production about language and multilingualism in educational institutions and in children's and youth environments more generally in Montenegro
  • Reconstruction of multilingual (international) educational pathways of university students

  • Reconstruction of socio-political questions related to multilingualism and migration in Montenegro


  • Language biography, student biographies, biographical research, educational pathways, biographical interviews


  • Equally funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW) and by the Ministry of Science of Montenegro